Occupational Health and Safety


In carrying out its operations with its Subsidiaries and Affiliates, RENAISSANCE CONSTRUCTION BV believes that all kinds of losses can be prevented for its employees, stakeholders and all other parties involved. To serve that end, RENAISSANCE considers Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) not as an obligation but as one of the core values of its corporate culture and a conscientious responsibility.

The Company’s key responsibility is to ensure that each member of its diverse global employee network can safely complete his/her job and return home. Every Renaissance employee has the right not to work and stop working in an insecure environment.

The fundamental OHS principles and values of Renaissance are as follows:

  • Managers who lead by example and a sense of ownership with respect to occupational safety
  • A management practice based on continuous improvement and preventive risk management
  • Conscious and trained employees
  • Integration of subcontractors into the system and performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of compliance
  • Promoting and recognizing good practices


Renaissance attaches great importance to meet expactations collaboratively with all stakeholders. To share the Company’s values, support and encourage stakeholders for good relationship, Renaissance implements Stakeholder Engagement Procedure (SEP). SEP requires efficient management and implementation of resources and responsibilities. Renaissance identifies the stakeholders’ requirements, wishes, and expectations, addresses them discerningly, incorporates them into its business activities.

Renaissance SEP aims to engage relevant stakeholders for a purpose to achieve accepted outcomes, manage their business more consciously for the well-being of all major stakeholders while fulfilling their highest business purposes, intercorporate vision, mission and values.