About Us

In 2014 the Renaissance Construction BV was established with the aim to expand the group’s international contracting activities towards mainland Europe; shortly after its establishment the first acquisitions were made in selected European construction companies. These acquisitions were aimed at expanding the geographical footprint into Europe; mainly Germany; Austria and Swiss as well as increasing specialized knowledge in respect of Infrastructure works, such as tunnelling, railway and highway construction. One of the first acquisitions was Heitkamp Construction Swiss.

In 2015 the Company made the next major step in its expansion to mainland Europe with the acquisition of Ballast Nedam NV. This acquisition contributed to a further expansion in Europe; and to some extent internationally resulting from Ballast Nedam’s past track records. But more importantly with this acquisition the Company acquired specialized knowledge in the infrastructure segment (e.g. highways; waterworks and bridges); which are new specialisms to the group.

As per 2019, in addition to Europe, the Group’s geographical and segmental footprint includes Renaissance Construction (CIS) and Renaissance Heavy Industries, which provide engineering, procurement, construction, operation and management services for large-scale projects.

Since its incorporation the Company has a dedicated team of 7 full time FTE working in its Nieuwegein office; covering amongst others legal, tax, compliance, accounting, reporting, financing and treasury activities. The Company is expected to continue to grow its workforce during 2021.